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Korea homestay Fee

The fee may be changed by mutual agreement between the guest and the host. The fee is to be agreed upon in advance. The general homestay fee is as follows:






1st to 5th day

 40 USD per day

* Certificate of enrollment to an educational institution required.

Estimated price : 600 USD

per 30 nights.

(It may differ depending on the host and region)

6th to 10th day

 30 USD per day

11th to 20th day

25 USD per day

from 21st day on

20 USD per day

more than 2 months ~

650 USD per 30 nights


Reservation fee

Reservation fee(Placement fee) will be $ 50 USD. This will be required only once in your monthly payment. Every guests that will use our service need to fulfill this payment for their stay in Korea. With this payment, we can search for suitable hosts for you and give their contact information. Only under the condition that Koreahomestay fails to meet your needs in searching your suitable host, the payment will be refunded.


Example: Two people staying at the same room for 21 days.

(40,000*5 + 30,000*5 + 25,000*10 + 20,000*1)*1.5


If two or more persons share a room during their homestay, every additional person for that room gets a 50% discount.

The fee covers in general a private room and breakfast.

Available options (These are just guidelines. The guest and the host can agree on an appropriate fee for each service)

- Pick-up service : Koreahomestay notice our users that our Pick-up service is safe and trustworthy. It will costs 100 USD from Incheon International Airport, 50 USD from Gimpo International Airport.

-  additional meals (lunch, dinner): (recommend fee) no more than 10 USD per meal per person. - Guide: (recommended fee) no more than 10 USD per hour.-  Cultural experience: the fee may vary depending on the activity.


# Student Fee

- The student discount is applicable to guests currently enrolled at an educational institution in Korea (exchange students, Korean language school students, etc.) staying for a period longer than 2 months.

- Long-term guests and students are treated as having different status and therefore different fees apply.


# Commission

- Korea Homestay is not simply a real estate agent introducing guests and hosts to each other. Korea Homestay is in charge of the homestay process from application to the last day of your stay.

  Korea Homestay mediates all disagreements and helps solve even the smallest problems that occur on a daily basis. Korea Homestay provides interpretation services if the guest and the host have trouble understanding each other and consults guests on every aspect of their life in Korea. Korea Homestay assists in resolving legal issues based on the Homestay Agreement signed between the guest and the host.

- The commission is used to cover personnel expenses, communication expenses, manual development, educational expenses, publicity, promotions, etc.


 If you have further questions regarding our fees, contact us by phone or e-mail and we will send you detailed information.

- Mail : koreahomestay@nate.com

- Tel. : 070-7807-6888


Payment Options


 Pay Pal is a safe, easy way to pay online from around the world. We will e-mail you a bill and you can then pay it on PayPal. This allows you to pay conveniently and quickly without revealing your credit card or bank account information. 


*  Speed through online payment

*  Pay with credit card, debit card, or bank account

*  No need to expose your credit card number

*  Every purchase is confirmed with an e-mail receipt

  If you want to pay through PayPal.com, please let us know so that we can send you an invoice.

  PayPal account of Koreahomestay is koreahomestay@nate.com.

Wire Transfer

Fees can be transferred directly from your bank account to ours. This is the information you are going to need to make the transfer.

USD (Foreign account to Korean account)



*  Account Number: 110-369-090473

*  Swift code : SHBKKRSE

KRW (Korean account to Korean account)

*  Bank: 신한은행 Shinhan bank

*  Beneficiary: 코리아홈스테이 (Koreahomestay)

*  Account Number: 110-369-090473




















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