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Taking a stroll down Jeongno's Kyedong you can stumble upon this quiet area where traditional Korean Hanok houses cluster together forming a little village from the past in the middle of
the big city. This place, called Bukchon Hanok Village, is very popular among foreign
tourists, who wish to feel the Korean culture in its most traditional form.
As Seoul grew to become one of the largest cities in the world, the housing
development companies collectively built
hanok houses in this area,
to create a romantic spot in the very center of the metropolis.

The stone walls and roof tiles carry the taste of old Korea,
and even the square-shaped interior structure of the
traditional houses is very different from anything else that
can be seen in modern apartment buildings.
This is a place where you can sit on the wooden veranda
and forget the busy everyday life by taking a long gaze
upon a scenery from another era.

Hundreds of years of wisdom are put into the construction
hanok houses. They are not only a cultural heritage
we take pride in, but also pieces of art, perfected in their simplicity. For travellers, they become one of the things to remember Korea by and a sentimental story to tell.



# You can feel the genuine tradition of Korea and create unforgettable memories.

The hanoks bear the smell of hundreds of years of history that can otherwise only be encountered through books and films. In them you can find the real beauty and delicacy of Korean culture. From the tiles accurately layed piece by piece to form the gentle curves of the roof to the framework of the sliding paper doors, everything in Bukcheon Hanok Village is in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

Hotels anywhere around the world give more or less the same feeling, but when staying at a hanok you become a member of the family and you can personally feel the true kindness and hospitality of the people here. You can also learn how to prepare traditional Korean dishes, participate in tea ceremony and touch the culture in a way unimaginable for a tourist staying at a hotel.


# Hosts experienced in accommodating foreign guests

This is why you canbe sure that they are prepared to meet all of your needs. There will be no problem with communication. The houses have all the necessary facilities to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.


# The hanoks built entirely from environment-friendly materials help clear the mind and the body

Hanoks are houses built entirely out of wood, clay, stone, and paper. The traditional Korean paper used for the sliding doors blocks the hot rays of the sun, while still leaving the rooms bright at all times so that you never have the need to turn the lights on during the day. The fine dust of the red clay contains a lot of oxygen to make you breath better and feel better.


# The specific interior architecture combines ondol with masonry floor

Ondol is a heating system combining two elements - a fireplace creating warmth, and a wooden floor, which serves as an isolator and remains cool. The wood and the fire are considered to be incompatible, but Korean traditional architecture has put a lot of wisdom into finding a way to make them live in harmony. Ondol is perfectly suited for the four seasons of Korea, as the wooden floor creates coolness in the summer and the fireplace keeps the house warm in the winter.


















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