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  A chance to be on TV with your children! Make a memorable moment! Don't miss it!!
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A chance to be on TV with your children! Make a memorable moment! Don't miss it!!
 Hello, there.
 We are a production team of the TV show called 'Dad! where are you going?(아빠! 어디가?)' that is one of popular TV show on Sunday evenings from MBC broadcasting station in South Korea.

 Our program is kind of reality show with 6 celebrity dads and their kids, taking an overnight trip.
 it aims at building intimate relationship and making memorable experience between a dad and kids, travelling strange place without their moms.

 Now, greeting the summer vacation, we are looking for foreign dads and children staying in South Korea who want to tour through this country.

 Especially, we prefer those who are interested in Korean culture, willing to enjoy travelling with new friends.

 If you would like to get unforgettable travel experience in Korea, just only for dads and kids, you deserve to sign up our program.

 There are some details below:
 1. Nationality: doesn't matter.
 2. Age: from 6 to 9 year old children and their dads
 3. Schedule: from 23rd to 24th, and from 30th to 31st of August.
 4. How to apply: no concrete form, but it should be included a brief introduction of you, pictures or video clips with your name, nationality, gender, interest, etc.
 5. Please send your application via this email address: or


















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