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  Big Event! We support ₩ 200,000 for your trip!
  Poster : Koreahomestay (113.♡.61.76)     Date : 11-07-07 20:00     Hit : 4827 (893)

 Hello, this is Richiard from Koreahomestay.

Koreahomestay is in alliance with the Korea Tourist Service.

We are going on events for foreigners.

How about participate this event?

My customers have only to cilck 'Like' on Goodstay's Facebook and tell me.

You can get the chance to join the program.(The probability is 100%)

It's FCFS.(first-come)

How to receive ₩ 200,000 ~ (Only you and your friends)

1. Click 'Like' on the Facebook (

2. Send me email regarding your Facebook ID and email.

3. Become Goodstay Explorers. - The probability of getting the chance is 100%.(If you tell me about it.)

4. Go on a trip and complete the missions.(It's a piece of cake. And It's not easy for foreigners to find good Goodstay. Because The website of Korea Tourist Organization is terrible.

If you want, I can recommend good Goodstay in the list of Korean website.)

5. Receive ₩ 200,000.

First come~~~~

P.S. Please recommend this program to your friends.

Tip : When you apply Goodstay Explorer, please apply separately with your friends.

If so, you and all your friends get the money. (Of course, you can go on a trip with the friends.)

So! If your friend wants to join, please tell me about the friends.(Friends' Facebook ID Etc)


















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